22 August 2012

"Cherry Bounce"


Wild Black Cherries

Procure wild black cherries; pound them, in order to break the pits. Then mix them with sugar [and] good whiskey or rum, in the proportion of a gallon of spirits and two pounds of sugar to a couple of quarts of cherries. Put the whole in a tight cask. Shake it up once every day for three months; then let the liquor run through a thick cloth twice to clear it. Keep it, well strained, in casks or bottles. This is very good for bowel complaint, and a fine tonic.
[The Cultivator & Country Gentleman]


Patty said...

Mmmm! I think if I made that, I'd probably begin to have a lot of stomach trouble, and need a lot of tonic. ;)

Anonymous said...

I would be very careful about breaking the seeds considering this process will eventually create cyanide.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents made this each year. I just found wild black cherry trees on my property. I will be making some soon. We use to drizzle it over homemade vanilla ice cream.