01 December 2012

Comb Protectors


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From the Cultivator & Country Gentleman magazine 
January 13, 1876
A correspondent gives the Fancier's Journal the following description of a hood for protecting the large combs of Spanish and Leghorn fowls, in order that they might not be disqualified from competition at shows, by loss of combs from freezing:

I generally make them out of cotton-flannel. Take two pieces of cloth and pin them together. Then lay on the pattern and cut the hood out, and sew it around the edges, leaving a space for base of comb. Then take a piece of narrow tape or cord rubber, two and one-half inches long, and sew the ends on the base of the hood, one and one-quarter inches from the front of the hood, and it is finished.

Then catch the bird and hold its head firmly. Pull the hood on the comb, pulling it well on till it reaches the base of the comb. Then put the rubber throat latch under its bill. Then place the bird on its feet and I defy all cold to freeze it. I used them on my fowls last winter with perfect success.


You can buy diapers for your chickens but as far as I know no one sells hats. Chicken hats would not only serve to protect combs from freezing in winter, they could also protect a  chicken's head from being pecked by other birds. And, of course, they would be very stylish. 

So here's an idea for some imaginative and enterprising person. There isn't a doubt in my mind that you would be able to sell chicken hats on the internet, and probably more than you might imagine.


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, I can't stop laughing! I've never heard of such a thing. I read that Vaseline rubbed on the combs will prevent frostbite, but that's not as much fun as dressing up your hens in wooly bonnets!

Welcome back to Agrarian Nation!

jean said...

How cute! Love those cutie chickies in their comb hats.

Bonnets and Boots said...

That is so funny!

Anonymous said...

That was great.... I must get out my yarn and needles and get busy.

CTKwinghun said...

Love, love, love this!

Glenda said...

This was cute, how about chicken scarves to accent the hats? LOL

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! Can you post a crochet

Anonymous said...

Yes! @above Do you think that you could post a link to the pattern for these?