15 July 2011

Longevity Secrets
From The Old-Timers
(1852 & 1871)


How To Shorten Life

Lead a life of enfeebled, stupid laziness, and keep the mind in a round of unnatural excitement by reading trashy novels.
Begin in childhood on tea, and go on, from one step to another, through coffee, chewing tobacco, and drinking.
Marry in haste, get an uncongenial companion, and live the rest of life in mental dissatisfaction.
Eat without time to masticate food.
Follow an unhealthy occupation because money can be made by it.
Contrive to keep a continual worry about something or nothing.
Retire at midnight, and rise at noon.
Gormandize between  meals.
Give way to fits of anger.

How to Live Long

A venerable minister, who had preached some sixty-five years in the same place, being asked what was the secret of long life, replied, “Rise early, live temperately, work hard, and keep cheerful.” 

Another person, who lived to the great age of 110 years, said, in reply to the inquiry, “How he lived so long?”: “I have always been kind and obliging; have never quarreled with any one; have eaten and drunk only to satisfy hunger and thirst, and have never been idle.”

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Anne Denney said...


Thank you for the post, both in terms of content and images... I love the pictures of those couples. What beauty lies in old age!

Grace and Peace,
Anne Denney

Nancy said...

Thankyou so much for these posts. The information is very helpful and encouraging.