28 November 2011

Rules For Making A Wife Happy


Rules For Making a Wife Happy
—Treat your wife as politely and kindly as when you were wooing her.
—Never find fault with her in a cross tone and manner, and especially before other people.

—If your dinner does not suit you, do not spoil her appetite by scolding about it at the time, but give whatever suggestions are needed after dinner.

—Do not humiliate her by groaning over every item of household expense as if she was extravagent. Either retrench in superfluities, or pay for them without murmuring.

—Share your pleasures and your cares with her, and show that you value her society and her advice.

—Do not speak lightly of her caress and fatigues, but sympathize in her troubles, whether small or great.

—Try to gratify her fancies, such as a flower garden, or conveniences about her work. She will be reminded of your consideration or neglect many times every day by these little things. 

[Thomas’s Farmer's Almanac]


I will post "Rules For Making a Husband Happy" from 1877 in an upcoming Agrarian Nation Excerpt.

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the canned quilter said...

A timeless post that many husbands today could still learn from : )

Anonymous said...

What a SUPER picture! I absolutely love it. You can see how hard those people have worked by the look in their eyes, and their inherent pride in that work. My husband (by gum, he's pretty good, as I read through that list!!) and I trade off nights reading the "Little Britches" series by Ralph Moody to our 9-year-old son at bedtimes. I heartily recommend that series for teaching children the value of hard outdoor work, patience, and sheer stick-to-it-iveness! My point here is that the pictured couple remind me strongly of some of the characters in that series.

Thanks as always for brightening my day.


Herrick Kimball said...

The Little Britches books are great. I once blogged about the Little Britches book at this link:
Two Kinds of Men


The picture of the farm couple is from the Life magazine archives

Unknown said...

I loved this post, and read it out to my husband, who must have listened, as the other night AFTER dinner he told me that he didn't really like it (normally this would have been said during dinner, not that it ever offends me, I either agree or don't care because I like it). Anyway, I've been waiting for the "rules for making a husband happy" as I expect it to be equally insightful. As always, I enjoy your blog!