10 February 2012

Agrarian Nation Changes...

Dateline: 10 February 2012

There will be no regularly-scheduled excerpt from the old agrarian writings today. I have decided to make a change from posting here twice a week (Friday and Monday) to once a week, on Monday mornings. I am making this change to free up more time for myself, and it is a permanent change.

Those of you who read my blog, The Deliberate Agrarian, know that I am working on a new book. I have put a few hundred hours into the book already. I still have a long way to go, and spring is coming. I really want to get it done, or as done as I possibly can, before the good weather of spring arrives. Also, this is a slow time of the year for my Planet Whizbang mail-order business, and it will get much busier come May and June.

The book's working title is, The Planet Whizbang Idea Book For Gardeners. I can tell you there isn't another book like it on the market, at least that I know of. What makes the book unique is the blend of old and new ideas for gardeners. Much of the old will be in the form or excerpts related to gardening from the old farm almanacs. Such excerpts will not be a major focus of the book but they will be interspersed throughout.

The most time consuming part of the book for me is the many illustrations and the page layout, which I started working on last weekend. After four long days of focused work, I have ten book pages completely done. I expect the book to be over 200 pages, so I have a long way to go. And I have a regular job that I work at three days a week.

Please check back here Monday for the next Agrarian Nation excerpt, and every Monday thereafter.

Best wishes,

Herrick Kimball
Editor, Agrarian Nation


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you do wear many hats! You're a very busy man, including your research into hydrofracking, as a member of the town board.

I pray that the Lord will strengthen you, daily, as you work on your book as well as your many other duties.

In the meantime, I will savor the Monday installments of Agrarian Nation!

Jet Set said...

Ditto for me as well Herrick. I will also make it a point to send my voluntary subscription fee for Agrarian Nation soon. I know it will be just a small drop in the bucket for you, but I really enjoy these history "lessons." Plus this sounds like a book I would really like to read, so I feel I should send what little funding I am able.

God bless you in your endeavors

Herrick Kimball said...

Thank you.

Thank you too.

I used to put a donation notice at the bottom of the excerpts but stopped that awhile back. My focus with the blog is not to make money (if it was, I have failed miserably). I just love the old agrarian writings and want to share them with others.

Nevertheless, I'm grateful for any donations that come into Agrarian Nation. I don't get a lot of them but it is always encouraging when I do.

For the record, I'd say that maybe 25 or 30 people sent me a donation last year. Most were in the $5 to $10 range. One man sent me three Mercury dimes. Brenda's donation was far and above the norm (very encouraging).

If anyone reading this would like to contribute to the effort, Here is the Agrarian Nation donation page

Thank you all!

littlegreengardengal said...

Once a week is plenty. I enjoy reading this blog, but honestly I usually only read once a week and read both posts at that time, so it works the same for me. :)